Rudi Cupido


Rudi Cupido

Rudi Cupido

Candidate Attorney, Litigation Department
Phone:  023 348 6040
Fax:  023 342 8131
Email:  rudi@mtb.co.za
Office:  Worcester

Rudi is currently employed at Muller Terblanche & Beyers in Worcester as an article clerk.  

For many years at university, he was exposed to various facets of society which strengthened his determination to become a well-rounded attorney. Currently, being fresh in the game and with the wonderful exposure offered by his employer, he sees himself as an individual who can bring forth a major change in the legal fraternity within his community.  

Rudi is always determined to make a positive change there where it is necessary. His personality often brings out the leader in him and leads to the respect he believes each individual deserves.

He is a strong-minded, positive and well-mannered young gentleman who is looking forward to making a difference in his community through the use of his general litigation skills and his perseverance to make a change.